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But they backed the ruling party's leadership and support collapsed overnight. Some 1,800 AKP officials were sacked. Since the failed coup, many critics have called for the president to step down, especially after he has not been a reliable broker for reforms in Turkey's chaotic state.

A survey by the Turkish Council of Europe found last week that the AKP did best with voters from the upper class and middle class. The survey found that in terms of voting intention, the AKP was strongest among the affluent and well-off demographic of Turkish society.

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Here you'll find a number of additional plugins, including those designed to speed up load times and improve file syncing in Ubuntu. A few weeks ago, during a live video from the Game Developers Conference, the game developer community was buzzing with a new title under its belt in the form of the how to buy Valium online announced and recently published title Darkest Dungeon.

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